We destroy all your unwanted records – safely and securely.

We service every type and size of business and organisation in both one-off and regular collections, as well as households.

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Keeping confidential information secure is vital- Shredding is the ideal solution for redundant records.

Businesses and other organisations now have to comply with both the Data Protection Act 2018 and also GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation).  Any redundant personal records must be securely destroyed.

Shredding also protects the householder from identity theft. The destruction of old paper records and also digital media prevents confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

Why shred

From whole lever arch files to hard drives...

Using our specialist machinery we can save our customers many long hours of tedious work. Discover the full range of items we can shred.

What to shred

How it works


After providing an estimate we arrive at your premises at the agreed date and time. Paper is weighed and other items counted to confirm costs.


The materials are taken to our premises, where they’re securely shredded to the European standard for confidential documents.


03 Any shredded paper is then sent to a pulping mill to be recycled into new paper products - this complies with best environmental practice.


04 We give you a Certificate of Destruction - this testifies that your materials have been destroyed in accordance with relevant standards.


We’re a small business dedicated to providing a bespoke shredding service to each and every customer.

We’ve been happily providing secure shredding services to both business and residential customers throughout Surrey and surrounding areas since 2009.

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